Carob Almond and Milk Spread

The Carob Cream with Almond and Milk is a refined fusion of the best flavours of the Mediterranean and the delicateness of the milk.

These two fruits are rich in contrasts, with both strong and gentle flavours, and they have an irresistible natural sweetness. With skill and passion, our masters have refined the method of preparation until they achieve the perfection of a delicate cream that overflows with the flavour of carob and almond.

Weight 240 g
Dimensions 7,4 × 8,1 cm


Package dimensions (mm) Units /package  Shipping box dimensions (mm) Packages / box
81 x 160 x 230 6 240 x 240 x 340 4

Vegetable fat (palm), maltodextrin, toasted almonds paste (17%), carob powder (15%), skimmed milk powder (3%).

Emulsifiers: distilled monoglycerides, soya lecithin.

Contain artificial sweetener (sucralose).

Per 100 g:

  • Energy Value 592 kcal / 2455 kJ
  • Lipids 44,9 g of which saturated fatty acids 14,4 g
  • Carbohydrates 35,1 g of which sugars 12,6 g
  • Fibre 9,5 g
  • Proteins 7,1 g
  • Salt 0,05 g

Contains soy, milk and almonds.

Store in a cool (18°C – 22°C) and dry place.

Carob World

Carob World is a Portuguese company inspired since 2015 to reveal the Mediterranean’s best-kept secret – carob. The company develops, produces and sells carob-based gourmet products.

Algarve – Portugal

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