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We bring together the best products that are produced in Portugal!

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We connect Portuguese suppliers and buyers over the world

We are here to facilitate the sale of Portuguese products, from small and medium producers, to buyers around the world.

Through our platform Portuguese producers can find buyers and resellers more quickly and efficienttly.

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Authentic Portuguese Flavours


Through a careful and rigorous selection we have put together what is best produced in Portugal.

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Here you can find the best portuguese traditional products, with its great stories, specific ingredients, particular modes of production, geographical origins and much more.

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There are a lot of quality in the Portuguese production. At Delicraft we are dedicated to bring you the best food products Portugal has to offer!
We intend to connect the players in the agri-food market – producers and consumers – providing quality gastronomic experiences.

The Essence of Portugal


Tasteful experiences in terms of textures, colors, aromas and flavours that represent Portugal.

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Discover Portuguese food. Discover Portuguese culture.