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Extensive and diversified range of traditional food products, associated with each of the Portugal’s regions.

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There is a lot of quality in Portuguese production and many of Made in Portugal products are already being recognized by the foreign market.

Portugal has an extensive and diversified range of traditional food products, associated with each of the country’s regions. Flavors and ingredients vary across the different regions of Portugal.

Portugal uses its climate and its characteristics in the best way possible so they can produce high quality products! Besides, each region has its own production specialty in order to maximize all the process of production and present its consumers with the best and unique food.


Algarve’s cuisine is based on the Mediterranean diet that stands out for being healthy and incredibly delicious. The Algarve has excellent traditional products, like olive oils, jams, canned fish, liqueurs, honey, salt and wines.

As it is a land of fishermen facing the Atlantic, fish and seafood play a leading role in this cuisine. There are several recipes prepared with the help of the products that are produced in the region. Products like olive oils, sal flower, avocado, carob, figs, oranges, aromatic herbs, spices and other flavors. All these productss have a history in the Region. It is a rich legacy, which is increasingly possible to be enjoyed in restaurants or typical taverns throughout the region.

The territory is made up of the coastal strip, the Barrocal, the Serra and a transit zone to the Alentejo, where there is a wealth of primary production, agro-food processing and handicrafts.

Primary Productions

  • traditional dryland orchard – almonds, figs, olives, carob

  • irrigated cultivation – orange, mandarin, fresh fig, sweet potato, table grape, primes

  • livestock activities – Algarvian goat, churra sheep and lamb)

  • forestry production – cork, other Mediterranean species

  • aromatic herbs – pennyroyal, sage, oregano
  • others – wild fruits (arbutus, blackberry, fig), Aljezur barnacles, molluscs and bivalves, extraction of salt

Agro-Food Products

  • product of the land – carob derivatives, regional almond sweets, crushed olives and salt, honey

  • livestock-derived products – sausages, Algarvian goat and churra lamb meat, fresh and cured goat cheese
  • seafood products – processing of sea salt, fleur de sel, dried fish

  • liqueurs (orange, mandarin, fig, carob) and medronho brandy


  • basketry

  • clay pottery
  • copper utensils
  • work in jute
  • raffia
  • linen
  • wood

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