Delicious Memories

We blend tradition with original Portuguese flavours.

Portuguese flavours are delicious secrets that have passed from generation to generation. Portugal has priceless gastronomic patrimony and we want to bring it to you!

DELICRAFT was born from the desire to reveal the secrets of local cuisine, with the aim of promoting and reaching out to those who want to taste of what is best produced in Portugal.

Our platform aims to bring Portuguese regional products, such as Olive Oil, Cheese, Jam, Preserves, Sweets and Spirits to the global market.

Creating delicious memories

Our goal is to show the world what Portugal has to offer in terms of colors, aromas and flavours. We want to show our best traditional products, with its great stories, specific ingredients, particular modes of production, geographical origins and much more. We want to give the consumers transparent, reliable and ethical information on different food products.

Whether you are a Producer, Distributor or Consumer, here you can find the best Portuguese traditional products with all the information you’ll need.

canned delicacies

The art of canned fish

The Portuguese canned fish have an important role in the history and culture of the country. Try this very Portuguese product and understand why it is so successful. Here you’ll find a big range of preserved fish packed in a variety of marinades, from classic tuna in olive oil to sardines in piri piri.

portuguese flavours

Unique and distinct flavours

Portugal offers an incredible diversity of ingredients and flavors. We bring together the best products that are produced in Portugal, from reach cheeses and olive oils, to canned food, jams, honey and sweets, all with excellent quality.

Enjoy the taste of Portugal!

We want to contribute to greater dissemination of Portuguese products in the international market, where they are very appreciated, both by the Portuguese, and by the huge diversity of tourists who want to take the best that is created and produced in Portugal.


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