Traditional Wine Chorizo from Beira Baixa

Thist traditional Wine Chorizo is a typical sausage from the region of Beira Baixa, in Portugal. It is made from pork, usually from the fattest parts with less muscle, which is seasoned with wine, salt, garlic and paprika.

The meat is minced and mixed with spices, and then embedded in natural pork casings. The healing process is done naturally. The result is an intensely flavored chorizo ​​with a firm and juicy texture. It is a traditional and highly appreciated product in Portuguese cuisine, and can be consumed raw, cooked, grilled or fried, and used in various dishes, such as Portuguese stew and feijoada. In addition, it is also widely used as a snack, accompanied by bread and wine.

Weight 200 g
Units / sachet Unit wheight (g9 Sachet weight (kg)
7 200 1,5 kg

– Lean and fatty pork meat
– Wine
– Pig blood
– Salt
– Garlic paste
– Poteins (soy and dairy)
– Sugars (dextrose and sucrose)
– Emulsifiers (E450, E451)
– Antioxidants (E300, E301, E331)
– Sweet pepper
– Preservatives (E250, E252).

Store in a cool and dry place.

Presuntos Rodrigues

With almost centennial knowledge and experience, Presuntos Rodrigues assume a production philosophy, which is based on an extremely demanding, in terms of raw material, and a deep respect for the time. The time that develops, matures, clears and refines the flavours, aromas and textures of a product of excellence, that knows how to be single. And time is, in fact, a good part of the secret of a great ham.

Castelo Branco – Centro, Portugal

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