Flower of Salt 150 g

Fleur de Sel (Flower of Salt) is an extremely fine layer of salt crystals that forms on the surface of seawater. It is hand-harvested on a daily basis using a special tool which never touches the bottom of the salt marsh, a process that ensures the salt maintains its original brilliant white colour. It is a natural products that retains the taste and moistness of the sea.

Weight 150 g


Units / box Box dimensions (mm) Box weight (kg)
12 265 x 215 x 106 3,960 kg

Flower of Salt (100%).

Store in a dry place.

Campos Santos

Campos Santos is a Portuguese regional products distribution brand, eith experinece in the food industry for over 35 years. With a unique taste, all products are made through handmade manufacturing processes, reflecting the gastronomic heritage not just of the Algarve, but the whole country, Portugal.

Algarve – Portugal

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